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The story of our Pineapple Lemongrass soda comes from the inspiration of

The summer of 2017, our art director, Annie, went to Mozambique, Africa as part of the team for the non-profit organization, Express Eden

Every morning of this 2 week trip, the Mozambiquen hosts would walk over to their local communal garden and root lemongrass from the ground, wash them, tie them as a bundle and brew them in a large pot. Hot cups were served to everyone dunked straight from the pot. 

Anytime there was reason for celebration, the Mozambiquens served Fanta Ananas, a pineapple soda from, yes, the popular Fanta brand we all remember with the catchy commercial lingo “Wanta Fanta”. With promise, the Mozambiquens never fail to dance.

Our story of the Pineapple Lemongrass soda is an inspiration of the simple combination of the Fanta Pineapple soda and lemongrass tea. It's a reminder of the personal memories of the Mozambiquen family who hosted Annie and her team. Today Good Luck Soda continues to partner with Express Eden through their education sponsorship for Caetano Raul. Caetano is 24-year-old young adult, from the small town of Dondo, studying to be a Nutritionist. He serves in his community church as the worship leader, playing guitar and singing. He also likes to draw and make collage art with paper and leaves.