What's the best way to drink your soda?

Before cracking open a Good Luck Soda, we recommend you gently turn over the bottom to mix all the little goodies on the bottom. Now the next step is up to you - share some with a friend, order and enjoy with some pizza, call your Grandma (you know it’s been a while), or go take on the world.


But wait...What are those little specks floating around inside your soda? 

Fret not! These little specks pack the flavor - whether it be citrus zest, fruit fibers, or vanilla bean seeds. That's the charm of working with all natural ingredients. Every bottle of Good Luck goes through a rigorous inspection to make sure you are getting the best soda ever.


Are your sodas really hand-crafted and all natural?

Yes! Everything is done by hand, from the cutting and juicing of fruits to the bottling. Check out our illustrated process page (or our growing biceps) as proof. Our soda is made using only fresh fruits and natural ingredients - no artificial flavorings or concentrates here!


How long does your soda generally last?

We recommend you consume within 2 weeks of purchase for maximum freshness and flavor. Pow!


What are your nutritional facts for each flavor?

For all specific information regarding nutrition and ingredients of our sodas, you can check our handy Nutritional Facts page.


Where can I purchase one of your bottles?

You can purchase our soda at any of these retail shops within the greater Los Angeles area.


Can I order your soda online and have them shipped?

We're sorry to say that we do not ship any of our sodas. Sadly, our carrier pigeons do not fly that far.


What should I do with the bottles after I'm finished?

Feel free to return our bottles back to the retail shop where you have purchased them, and they'll pass it along back to us. This helps us be as waste-conscious and sustainable as possible. Or get creative - we love seeing Instagram photos of our customers making them as cute flower vases!


Do you take on any outside projects or events?

As long as it doesn't require us to dance and sing in public, we would love to hear about your project or event ideas! If we believe that we're a good fit for your project, and are fortunate to make time outside of our production schedule, we would love to sit down and talk! (If there are promises that puppies will be there, we're so down.)