In 2005, Chris and Annie met in high school and formed a friendship strung on the occasional exchanges of "The Office" quotes and sarcastic banter during their Algebra 2 class. After graduating, they never thought they would see each other again, let alone, work together, and this is their story.

Good Luck Soda was founded in 2015 by photographer, Chris Hahn, and illustrator, Annie Seo. They believe that, like art, soda can be creative, collaborative, and a little weird. Together they embarked on a mission to provide Los Angeles with the best damn hand-crafted, all-natural sodas.


Film by Janis Ahn.


Meet The Makers


Chris Hahn
Head of Operations

Chris is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations of Good Luck Soda (a fancy way of saying he deals with all things soda). Chris graduated from CalArts, where he had a speakeasy bar in his studio. He has an Australian Shepherd named Luna that still hasn’t learned how to label bottles.


Annie Seo
Art Director

Annie is the other Co-Founder and Art Director of Good Luck Soda. Annie is a freelance illustrator who likes to take her coffee black. During her free time, she likes to watch videos of prairie dogs.


David Shin
Hype Man

David is what Flava Flav is to Public Enemy. What Manu Ginobili is to the San Antonio Spurs. He brings the hype and support whenever Good Luck Soda is in need of a helping hand. When he’s not squeezing lemons with his bare hands, you can find him at House Roots Coffee.